If you are looking for something custom to your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for a customized quote.

Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching allows us to create a relationship together that grows over time. We focus on getting to know your business and working with you regularly to complete campaigns that will increase brand awareness and revenue.

Our team will do most of the work on your campaigns as well as monitor key influencers (your power users) to help guide which influencers are best suited for each campaign and ensure their voice is being heard.


$ 1,000
/ Month
  • Every-other-week Coaching Sessions
  • Monitoring of 5 Influencers
  • Assistance with 1 campaign / month


$ 2,500
/ Month
  • Once-per-week Coaching Sessions
  • Monitoring of 25 Influencers
  • Assistance with 2 campaigns / month


$ 5,000
/ Month
  • Once-per-week Coaching Sessions
  • Monitoring of 50 Influencers
  • Assistance with 4 campaigns / month
Most Effective

If your budget is smaller, consider our Basic plan for $500 / month. This includes one coaching session per month, monitoring of 1 influencer and guidance (you do most of the work) on 1 campaign per month.   

Coaching—by the hour

For those who just aren’t ready for commitment. 

By the Hour

$ 250 / hour
  • 1 hour coaching session
  • Walk away with at least 1-2 action items for your business

Collaborative Coaching Add-On's

Must be added to a pre-existing Collaborative Coaching plan.

Additional Campaign

$ 500
/ campaign
  • Add another campaign to your collaborative coaching plan, per month

Additional Influencers

$ 25
/ influencer per month
  • Add additional influencers to your plan for us to track and monitor each month.

Other Services

You may be interested in one of the other services we offer as well.

One-Time Campaign

$ 1,000
/ campaign
  • One-time campaigns allow us to help a product or service company increase brand awareness.
  • Great option for new product companies seeking insight into our offerings without fully committing.

Find Influencers

$ 1,500
/ campaign
  • We will find influencers in your industry to help represent your brand in new campaigns.
  • Best for new brands seeking to increase awareness around their product or services.

Content Creation

$ 1,000
/ blog post
  • Content for your sales or marketing websites focused around the developer audience.
  • Authenticate content around your products story & use-case.
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