Developer Relations Salaries

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If you are here, you probably already know what Developer Relations is. In the event that you are unsure, check out this great post called “What is Developer Relations” by Mary Thengvall.

Developer Relations is a pretty new concept, really. The oldest DevRel book on Amazon was published in 2018. However, the idea of using like-minded people to help share (and basically sell) a product or service is not new. We’ve been doing this for years—think about every MLM company like Tupperware or Pure Romance. They use people who share the same passion for their products to sell them to people they know—people like them.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of this awesome industry for a few years now (before books were apparently written) and I think it’s the most effective way to market to developers, authentically.

I did quite a bit of searching, asking and research to land on what I think are pretty reliable salary ranges for the Developer Relations industry. If you have a data point (your current or previous role), please reach out so I can include those in these numbers as I try to keep them accurate and up-to-date.

Salaries for Developer Relations DevRel Roles

General Salary Range for DevRel Roles

$70,000 to $400,000

Developer Advocate

$90,000 to $185,000

Head / Director of Developer Relations DevRel

$150,000 to $380,000+

Salaries for Community in Tech Roles

Community Coordinator / Junior Community Manager

$40,000 to $80,000

Community Manager

$70,000 to $180,000

Head / Director of Community

$115,000 to $350,000+

Shout Out’s

People & publications that deserve a shout-out for helping me capture this data!

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