We help you increase revenue and brand awareness by leveraging your happiest customers.

Devocate is authentic Developer Marketing

Our techniques focus on authentic developer marketing. Developers want to hear from their trusted friends & colleagues that a product or tool is great — not from a paid ad or sales call.

What We're Good At

Developer Advocacy Programs

72% of developers have ad-blockers installed. Instead of investing ridiculous amounts of money into the unknown, invest in your happiest customers to leverage them to spread the word about your product.

Developer Communities

Developers seek out their peers for advice and guidance. Leveraging a product community will not only help decrease support costs but also increase engagement between your customers and your product.

Social Listening & Strategy

Through social listening & online community tracking you can learn more about your developer audience as well as how to better track & engage with them. We monitor communities like Stack Overflow & Reddit too!

Developer Marketing

Maybe you don't have a marketing team yet, or maybe you're looking for a marketing expert that knows developers. Whatever the case may be, our team can act as an extension (or all) of your marketing team.

Sharing knowledge

View presentations, podcasts or other publications we’ve contributed to. 

Turn “Members” into “Heroes” with Pantheon

Tessa Kriesel is incredible at creating normal users into passionate advocates. We broke down how she is building, scaling and measuring the growth of her community while making sure she is giving value back to that community.

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Building a Community Platform using WordPress

Tessa Kriesel, WordPress expert and Developer Community Manager at Twitter, joined Tamao Nakahara to dive into what you need to know when building a community site using WordPress.

This conversation was originally streamed on Twitch as part of our DevRelCon Earth 2020 pre-conference series.

Watch the Live Stream Recording

Enabling Community Product Feedback and Ideation

Join Liz, Ben, Tessa and Majorie as we explore how community has an impact on the creation and development of amazing products and services.

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DevRel: Beyond Events and Travel

Join Mary, Jessica and Tessa as they talk about what it takes to build a Developer Relations program, things you need to consider, what to measure and how to handle the changing environment of more virtual events.

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Tessa Kriesel

Our Founder

Tessa Kriesel has created multiple developer influencer / advocacy programs for tech startup companies. She is a developer herself and understands business and influencer marketing. Tessa makes friends easily through her transparency and human compassion. She focuses on getting to know each company she works with to provide the most value.

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